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Writing Detective Thrillers, YA Fantasy and SciFi Thrillers. On the lookout for an agent.

No Selfie today

Sorry everyone, The dogs were soo heavy, I could not even get to the Send button. Here is my post from November 3, 2015:   I tried, and I tried, … Continue reading

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James sat on his beach chair, the sand surrounding him. It was his only day of the week off from his minimum-wage job, and he and his children were making … Continue reading

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“A safe place with safe people,” Shelly’s mother had said. The canal had finished twisting and turning, going up and down. It was now calm. Straight. It led to the … Continue reading

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Murder in Dartmouth Park is on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback

Thanks for reading. Reviews are greatly appreciated!

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My New Book Cover is Here

My New Book Cover is ready! Planned release of the book is for next week.

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Gluten Free/Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cookies

Due to Popular Demand, here is my recipe for Gluten Free and Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cookies: Peanut Butter Cookies Gluten Free/Sugar Free (Modified from the Whole Foods recipe)   … Continue reading

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Open-Gone without a trace

Open   “Who was the last person to see them?” Rusty Parker said, putting his detective’s badge away.   “I was, I guess,” Allison Strontenberg replied. She looked up at … Continue reading

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Foggy mornings

Fog. I stood outside this morning and let the bay breeze push billowing fog over me. Wake me. Wash me. My bleary eyes began to open, to focus. I breathed in … Continue reading

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Jolly “What’s the use?” Mary whispered, folding her hands and thinking about the loss of her husband and her beloved Maltese. Now it was Christmas: where was the joy – … Continue reading

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Raindrops have ganged up on us…Yay!

It’s a numbers game. We were 48 inches short of rain, causing California to be in a serious drought. Last week we got five inches of precipitation. More rain than … Continue reading

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