Tim Lewis

Writing Detective Thrillers, YA Fantasy and SciFi Thrillers. On the lookout for an agent.

Raindrops have ganged up on us…Yay!

It’s a numbers game. We were 48 inches short of rain, causing California to be in a serious drought. Last week we got five inches of precipitation. More rain than … Continue reading

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Doggies Running the Asylum

Some Christmas photo. The minutes tick by, and I have directed the dog muzzles at the camera, only to have loving eyes look at me. Stephanie (my daughter) takes a … Continue reading

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Murder in Belgrave Square is for sale online!

“January, 1892. Night. Fog. London. A cemetery. The police discover an abandoned hearse with an old coffin, with new nails. Inside the coffin is the body of a young, stylishly-dressed … Continue reading

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Murder in Belgrave Square is now available

Murder in Belgrave Square, my debut novella, is now available on Kindle. Here’s the cover:     Now for the hard part: waiting for sales. Waiting? No way! I have … Continue reading

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Freedom in a small package

Freedom “Clarabelle,” Susie whispered to the Maltese, then winked to the Andrea, the groomer, “We’ll go to the park as soon as you are beautiful.” “I’ll call you as soon … Continue reading

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Moxie-The Speeding Sportster

Moxie “Babe,” Lawrence said, who looked more like a Viking than the accountant he was, “Harley’s are heavier than the 250cc dirt bikes you’ve ridden. The Sportster might not be … Continue reading

May 6, 2014 · 3 Comments

Remote-A Homecoming

Lara sighed.  It has been fifty years after all, she thought.  What did I expect? She shuffled toward the ruin of the house, the signature red soles of her Christian … Continue reading

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“Ok,” Lorelai said, “If I show you five fingers, that means I need help, got it?” “Got it,” George said. It had been just twenty minutes since she had eaten, … Continue reading

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Sunshine-The end of Despair

  The skies had fallen upon us for months, beginning with the heavy rains of autumn.  The snow naturally followed the rain, but it was deeper, colder and heavier than … Continue reading

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Devotion-A love for eternity

“May I have this dance?” Harold shyly asked, almost embarrassed by the request. “But of course, mon amour,” Cybil asked, her lips slightly upturned as she locked her eyes with … Continue reading

February 24, 2014 · 1 Comment

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